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About me

Hi, I’m Amanda Jowsey: 🙂

A liberal arts education in English has taught me the following: The psychological and sociological relation of an individual to media, whatever the form, is undeniable. Media is an expression of and mirror held up to humanity, whether it be written or technologically engineered. Be it a book full of classic literature, or an entertainment stand full of video games, the media that surrounds us all speaks for us as individuals, and creates a society which becomes geared toward the same goal– creating an alternate, often more pleasing reality. The outlets for escaping reality have taken on so many forms, and being born in the late 80’s, growing up into the new millennium, I’ve been lucky enough to witness the evolution of so many different versions of one idea: my first gaming system was the original Nintendo, followed by Sega, Super Nintendo, Play Station (1, 2, & 3), XBOX, Nintendo Wii, and XBOX360– not necessarily in that order. I can also remember the evolution of computer games like “Funny Face” for Microsoft, or games like Doom and Tomb Raider for the PC. Now Facebook applications, courtesy of Zynga, have taken gaming addictions to a whole new level. Our fascination with and relation to gaming has created a billion dollar industry in society, and I can’t wait to learn some more about it!



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