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My name is Elva Aguilar and I am also a senior graduating this summer. For the last three years I have worked with UB’s student newspaper, The Spectrum, and was fortunate enough to work for its arts desk. Throughout my time with The Spectrum, I was exposed to video game reviews (my Senior Arts Editor at the time currently works for a gaming magazine called Future US in California) and as I was promoted through the ranks I also began hiring writers specifically for game reviews. With that said, I can read and analyze game reviews but I have never written one. I played video games as a child, but lost interest as I got older.

I was introduced to this course by a friend who had been helping me find summer courses to finish my program and thought it would be interesting to put myself in an unfamiliar, yet still familiar, position. Having worked under someone who was so passionate about game writing makes me nervous because I know how complicated it can be and how many facets go into designing a video game, but I think this course will help diversify my writing while at the same time possibly giving me an excuse to be a kid again.



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