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is the video game industry in crisis?


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One thought on “is the video game industry in crisis?

  1. After watching this video I have to say that I do agree with 75% of the hosts about the lack of business savvy and overestimating their goals being the downfall of most of these companies. But I would also like to add that most of these companies are also producing games based on movies, and other D-class titles as well, which as many people know have been for the most part sub-par efforts. Yeah there has been some success depending on who you ask (Sega’s Aladdin, or Lion King) but for the most part have led to a flood of games that would sell very little to avid gamers. With the number of summer blockbusters being put out increasing every year enough so that some big movies are released on the same weekend (same general demographic: Fast 6 and Hangover part 3) now is making the movie gaming industry a large undertaking. I know that a lot of these are moving from console to iOS devices but they are still mildly expensive to make and haven’t been large grossing games making a lot of these companies take time out to make games they are not passionate about but are funded by large checks from production companies.
    I know these games are fully funded by the production companies and include little risk for the gaming companies but by allocating portions of staff to these type of projects the designers are left shorthanded which can lead to games being rushed as well as poor user interface due to not taking the proper amount of time to test and research the best organization and usability.
    Using the money granted to them for these game designs they could focus more on making a full-fledged game based on the universe of the movie expanding on the concept of the movies as opposed to just rehashing the movie with a couple extra scenes and villains. This would eliminate a lot of the overhead for their games as well as speed up the conceptualization due to the idea already existing. I know I would be a fan of a completely original immersive Avengers game.

    Posted by diomazurek | May 20, 2013, 10:27 am

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