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Hello my name is Dio Mazurek and I am an Electrical Engineering Major at UB and about to start my final year this fall.  When I decided to take this general education class over the summer I was worried about the possible limited selection available and what that might force me to take considering the wide variety available throughout the regular semester.  To my surprise there were still some great classes available for the semester and being a veteran gamer the choice was simple.

My gaming starts with my grandparents Atari console which i remember playing hours of river raid, outlaws, barnstorming, Indiana jones and berserk.  I have owned almost all of the consoles released since except for N64, Dreamcast, and Sega CD.  Video games used to be a way to kill some time and enjoy spending more time with the characters that I loved, but now with so much modern media streaming from every device, hundreds of channels and thousands of movies released every year i find myself siding with games.  They are a more honest media with clear-cut goals and objectives laid out in a way that there is always something that you can brag about to the person next to you even if it is only that you had the fewest deaths, the most assists, or finally passed the level.  I do love video games and would be greatly saddened by their demise but as i get older i have noticed that i tend to buy cheap thrills games (Like COD multiplayer)more than the long adventure games.  This is mostly due to being a working adult that is also attending school, I do not have time to immerse myself in so many of these games as i once had. 

I am eager to experience this class and learning more about the universe of gaming.



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