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Bonjour!  My name is Emma Janicki and I’m a junior English major at UB, thinking about picking up a French minor.  I’m a transfer student from Geneseo and prior to that I was a transfer student from Binghamton.  I recently started working at the Buffalo Museum of Science and moved into an apartment near Allentown.  I always find writing an introduction to be a bit strange, but I used to have a blog with one of my friends so here’s the link for a bit more on a highly-constructed version of my life (I’m the brunette): http://emandtea.blogspot.com/.  Despite running that blog for about three months, I am not much of a technology-internet-gaming (to categorize all of that together) person.  I am in English major, so reading is one of my top loves.  I enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors, talking creepily to dogs I pass on the street, and clothing.  I have a sewing machine from the 1970’s, on which my cactus-world currently resides, that I need to take more advantage of.  I chose to take this class because I’m studying abroad in England for three weeks this summer (taking a Shakespeare course at King’s College) and needed more credits for financial aid.  I’m not really into video games and when I do play, I tend to forget where I am or what I’m looking at (much to the annoyance of everybody else more skilled than me).  Despite my qualms with actually playing video games, I’m looking forward to this course being challenging, simply because I know so little about the topic.   



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