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Failure, and Failure, and Failure

It all started with a bold notion to gain a title (a form of prestige in the game), which lead me to the greatest of challenges, Arah.  It is a dungeon, one that was fabled to be near impossible and with that in mind, I assembled a team of brave souls to join me in the trek to finish this obstacle.  The dungeon was hard and many times throughout the quest, I thought about quitting. Our party took 8.5 hours to complete this dungeon, 4 of which were spent on a single boss out of the 7 that we had to fight.  Needless to say, this was the most fun I have ever had in a game.  We bonded, laughed, and kept our spirits high, even after the 20th wipe (losing a battle).  The point is, despite the immense time put into the game, the failures were not failures in my eyes and we gained a little bit each time we lost.  We progressed and the failures drove us forward.

Ironically this happened in real life too.  I was traveling to NYC for my monthly bike trip (usually circling the island of Manhattan  and started off knowing this was a hard task to complete.  About halfway through I started to cramp up and the wind was blowing against me and it seemed as though I was going to fail.  Needless to say, the thought of failure was not depressing me but exciting me and even though I did not complete my route, it made me think about how far I had gone instead.

Have any of you found failure in real life that drove you to do better, or improve in some way?



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