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Hello digital class,

My name is Andy Probst and I just recently switched over to an English major this past semester. Currently bombarding myself with English courses as I am in my junior year and intend to graduate on time! I’ve never taken an online course before or even blogged for that matter so this should be a fun and exiting experience.

I don’t play video games as much as I used to; I’d much rather be outside on my board or behind my boat. Even in the winter while everybody is complaining about that horrible white stuff that falls from the sky so frequently in Buffalo, I’m clicking into my skis and sending it off jumps at Holiday Valley. But back in the day, Gameboy and Sega Dreamcast epitomized my life. If you challenge me to a battle in Rush 2049, prepare to have your butt spanked! (metaphorically speaking). I remember sneaking my gameboy into elementary school equipped with the latest and greatest Pokemon Silver and trading my Graveler to my buddies so they could evolve into Golem (still do not know why they implemented that rule, it was such a pain). I look forward to delving deeper into the world of video games with all of you!



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