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Fiero, Awe Inspired?

McGonical uses fiero as a term that describes pride in a person that has achieved a success in life and specifically in her research, gaming. I could understand that the thrill of accomplishing something gives a person a sense of joy that, as she puts it, makes a person raise their arms in success. This form of expressing emotion is a critical role in the happiness that humans need to make life a fun and bearable place. In an Epic game such as Halo 3, that she discusses, I would think that the feeling of fiero would be associated with the feeling of Awe that one would experience. In participating in a large game that incorporates a whole world of fantasy that rivals real life, the sense of awe sets in. But I argue that that awe is just another form of pride or fiero. Simply being a part of something bigger than you will act as prideful moment. Say at work you get a promotion into an executive level that only consists of ten people; you have entered into a special group that has tasks to accomplish. You act as a group to get them done. In that moment that you join that group you are in a state of awe and ultimately have a sense of fiero. On a smaller scale I get a sense of fiero while playing Words With Friends every day. I spell a word that awards me a lot of points and my arms don’t fly up in the air but I do get a smile on my face!



2 thoughts on “Fiero, Awe Inspired?

  1. I don’t agree that awe is the same as fiero but that maybe awe inspires or leads to fiero? McGonigal’s fiero is the elation one feels accomplishing something; such as your words with friends accomplishment or making it into the executive level.

    Posted by galaviz1 | May 25, 2013, 12:27 pm
    • I see what you are saying, but isn’t the elation of accomplishing somehting present in the awe that is felt when you have succeeded in reaching a particular place that is new and rewarding. What I am trying to say is that you feel pride simply by being part of something that is bigger than yourself. Though I think you are correct in the fact that awe can lead to fiero. Accomplishing an executive level is a perfect example of being proud of what you have done to get there and aweful in the respect of being in a new and more challenging world.

      Posted by wjcasey | May 27, 2013, 10:15 am

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