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Applying Reality is Broken to a work enviornment

I really enjoyed reading Jane McGonigal’s book. What instantly struck me and kept recurring to me was how games or a gaming attitude could be applied in the work place. Throughout the book McGonigal gives example after example how games can get us through something whether it be a personal escape or a social platform for someone to interact with the other people. Even in fixes, games help move things along or get things done that we wouldn’t ordinarily want to do. In line with McGonigal’s idea of bringing gaming into what we do everyday and making a better world I thought of the application of her theory to the work place. What better place than work? 95% of us don’t love what we’re doing and are either working to work or working while we finish school (college anyone?). The other 5% love what they do and working isn’t work.

Why not make work into a game? give points? take points away? Award winners weekly, biweekly, or monthly? The rules and points would change per job site but it would beneficial. No more mundane work just to work. Risk and reward systems implemented almost like commission. I know if my work was a game and we got points for service or fast times that would help my days and life there be a lot easier. Thoughts? How would making your job a game change your view of it?



One thought on “Applying Reality is Broken to a work enviornment

  1. This though and theories come from Chapter Seven. McGonigal and her husband think of ways on how to make a non boring task to making this chore into a competitive atmosphere. For instance she takes the chore of cleaning into her hands and makes a game out of it. With that her and her husband then compete against one another to see what they can accomplish together.
    If one was going to try to create or recreate this type of environment that individual will have to look at the oppositions just as you had suggested.
    This only makes me think more of growing up. Remember when growing up everyone would watch Barney. There the television series made the song “Clean Up”, taking a boring task that children hate to do into a sing a long where suddenly this chore is incredibly fun. If a teacher was to look at this he or she would have to view and think about the possibilities of the consequences of the children not listening to them or the rewards that the said student would achieve.

    Posted by ecflyer91 | May 29, 2013, 2:05 pm

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