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Class participation assignment

Here’s what the syllabus says about class participation:

This is an online class. You will participate in a regular basis. Regular participation means posting to the course blog a minimum of 25 times during the session and at least 3 times each week. These contributions can be in the form of new posts or comments on existing posts. While you will have freedom to raise topics of your own interest (related to video gaming, of course), your posts must be substantive, at least one solid paragraph (100 words+).

So you should be posting and/or commenting on this website at least 3 times per week. You should categorize your posts in an appropriate category. For example, you should put posts about Bogost’s book in the “how to do things with videogames” category.

As a reader of posts you can look in a couple places. I make important/popular posts “sticky” so they appear in the “featured posts” area on the home page. The most recent post appears at the top but 15 of the most recent posts and comments appear in the sidebar to the right on the home page.

You can also look on the category pages (check the nav bar at the top of the website) and see all the posts about the different books we are discussing.


About Alex Reid

Associate Professor and Director of Composition in the English Department at the University at Buffalo


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