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So far, about 1/3 of you have indicated your choice for a grading contract. The deadline for doing so was last Monday. However I will give you an extension until Friday, May 31st at 11:59. You must email me at areid@buffalo.edu and let me know which contract you want.

If you don’t, you will default to a “C” contract. It will not be possible for you to earn a grade higher than a C+.

I will email you a reply to let you know that I have received your contract request. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the contract in the comments below.

  • If I choose the “A” contract but then don’t meet the requirements, what happens?

If you don’t meet the requirements then the contract is broken. I can give you any grade I want. Here’s how it will work though. To pass the class you must meet the “C” contract requirements. If you meet those requirements, I promise you will receive at minimum a C-. If you choose the “A” contract and do not meet it, but meet the requirements of a “B” contract, it is possible that you could receive a B grade, but that will be at my discretion and based upon the quality of the work you have submitted.

  • What if I decide I want to change the contract?

I won’t say this is impossible. For example, if you became ill toward the end of the class and were unable to meet all the requirements of an “A” contract, then I would likely allow you to move to the “B” contract.  However, I won’t accept requests for moving up (i.e. B to A). Generally speaking though, contracts are binding.



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Associate Professor and Director of Composition in the English Department at the University at Buffalo


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