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Chivalry and McGonigal

This past weekend, Steam released a new game called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.  At first this game seemed clunky and poorly thought out, almost as just a teaser ‘hack and slash’ duel game.  After diving further into the game play I noticed something amazing, the fantastic ways to kill or be killed.  This game exemplifies McGonigal’s idea of ‘fun failing’.  It truly immerses the user into the game and provides for a great experience.  The first thing you see when you start the game is the first person view of your weapon, then you hear the battle cries of your allies, followed by your battle cry (if you so desire) and then the team charging into the light to start the game.  The one thing Chivalry does though is work in hundreds of ways to die, be it beheading, disarming (literally), or taking a javelin through the chest; it makes the player more excited to try again and gives an optimistic outlook due to the fun ways to die.  The more a game utilizes immersion the more of an impact the game can have on the player.  In the game mode ‘Last team standing’, the user feels as though his one life can make a difference.  In ‘team objective’, he bravely defends his castle from the onslaught and his work is making a difference.  The game gives feedback to show motivation, optimism, and advancement.  It visually shows the user’s character rank up and the battle-cries evoke an adrenaline rush for the player.  The game exemplifies some of McGonigal’s ideas of what a game is and how it can change people.



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