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Atari Video Music. Mind Blown.

I was so intrigued by the Atari Video Music system mentioned in the Music chapter that I had to youtube it to see this thing in action. Luckily, not all of them were out of commission before the creation of youtube and some people caught some of the visualizations for all to enjoy. I sat for four minutes listening to a song I didn’t even like in an awe stricken stare which I snapped out of when I caught myself drooling. How was this wonderful creation not more popular?!

We’ve come a long way from this retro color box. My family recently bought the Kinect for Xbox, in which a camera is attached which has the ability to track your every move. My sister immediately became addicted to the Zumba videogame she received for Christmas. Unlike DDR, the Kinect not only traces your steps but your entire body movement and grades you on how similar to your avatar you perform. Not only is it exciting to see your actual movement in the corner of the screen via a live silhouette, but it provides a pretty intense cardiovascular workout as well.



3 thoughts on “Atari Video Music. Mind Blown.

  1. I too was intrigued by the Atari Video Music system. After I read your post and saw that you were able to find it on YouTube, I took a look myself. I have always been a fan of the visualizer that comes with iTunes but I was unaware that something like Atari Video Music ever existed before. I think the reason it was not more popular back then because it was something extra that you actually had to buy. If iTunes did not come with a visualizer, I would not go buy a system that could give me the same experience. But I definitely agree that the Atari Video Music system is extremely cool and that we have come so far with technology since then!

    Posted by sierrasu | June 1, 2013, 11:50 am
  2. Researching something like the Atari Video Music System was cool. I think it is interesting to look at something like the AVMS and see how technology has come along way from the AVMS being a household accessory unit selling for around $176 in 1976 which would be like $700 in today’s market to the technology it implemented being free on today’s Microsoft music player and iTunes. We see this today as well with emulators on our PCs or MACs giving us the NES, Super NES, Genesis, and other game systems from the past at our finger tips to play at our leisure for free. The only fun question to ponder is what will come tomorrow that puts today’s high priced “new” technology into the “at your leisure” folder on the desktop?

    Posted by galaviz1 | June 2, 2013, 2:53 am
  3. Looking at your aspect and thought on how far we’ve come with technology in the gaming experience, it’s only going to keep on increasing. Think about the XBOX Connect, there are more and more games coming out for it. Such as the Michael Phelps Connect game where player one is an Olympic Swimmer. Going on with the technology aspect, the XBOX One is coming out, just hearing about this new game system is going to rock for the next game system. There’s a lock system on the game system that the owner can lock or unlock by using his or her finger, the system senses it’s the owner based on the fingerprint. Who knows next thing you know gamers will be playing the actual movie Gamer.

    Posted by ecflyer91 | June 2, 2013, 7:02 pm

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