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Comparing Bogost’s Prank Chapter to Minecraft

Personally I’m a huge fan with people who out do themselves with pranks.  That’s what chapter four is all about, big software game companies coming up with these hidden messages within their games, or also known as “Easter Eggs.”  Games systems as big as big as Atari or as big as Nintendo have all of these Easter Eggs that the gamers seek to find within their beloved games, as soon as they find this secret or hidden message it makes these individuals fall more in love with these video games.  Such as for Atari’s Warren Robinett included a hidden room within his best selling classic, Adventure that was released in 1978.  It took some time for someone to find, which happened to be a fifteen year old boy who ended up writing to Atari to confirm about the hidden room.  This is what gamers love.  They love to find these secrets, hidden dimensions, new rooms or maps, for them to explore in.  It’s even noted within Bogost’s book, “Atari would eventually use the gag to their own benefit, spinning it as a “secret message” in the first issue of the fan magazine Atari Age.  Soon enough, the company’s higher-ups embraced the Easter egg as a way to deepen player’s relationships with their titles.”  Right there tells me as a reader that players and gamers became more devoted to their software systems as these hidden messages or secrets or Easter Eggs came about.

This instantly made me think of the video game Minecraft.  Players go off into this imaginative world to create and build new things of their desire.  Within this game there is this hidden portal that takes the player to another dimension, known as the “Nether World”.  Here this gives players more space for them to play around in and recreate or create new things that comes up to their imaginative mind.  This whole new world makes players or gamers go crazy for this game.  Not only does this give the players more space to run around in, but this also gives them more to create new elements, make new fortresses, rediscover and conquer monsters or zombies.  With this, it makes more players devoted and gives the software company more customers to purchase the game.



3 thoughts on “Comparing Bogost’s Prank Chapter to Minecraft

  1. I too also found the chapter on pranks and easter eggs to be interesting, and agree that the inclusion of hidden “easter eggs” adds another dimension to any game, where users are always competing to locate these hidden elements, that can ultimately end up strengthening the fan base of these games. While I have very limited gaming experience with Minecraft, I have played around with Easter Eggs in the Call of Duty Zombie mode, where you can activate hidden objects to start playing music or acquire achievements, or see hidden messages.

    Posted by bgwhipple | June 1, 2013, 12:06 am
    • Overall it’s all interesting. These Easter Eggs or Pranks are taken back as far as 1978 and since then it has been proven that games with these hidden dimensions. their fans or gamers become more devoted for their love of the game. As the Nitendo Game systems are coming back up to date and popularity, I still hear my friends playing with Super Mario or just plan Mario. These games date back to the 80’s or so. Why? Because not only are they popular but also they have these hidden dimensions or something that really catches the players eye.

      Posted by ecflyer91 | June 2, 2013, 6:46 pm
  2. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve played a videogame via a gaming console (I usually just play solitaire, angry birds, etc. on my phone when I have the time), but I remember finding short cuts in Mario Kart and finding “secret” levels on various games and other “Easter Egg” type things. I agree that they keep gamers interested and intringued. There’s a good feeling that comes along with stumbling upon something that none of your other friends have noticed yet. These hidden “Easter Eggs” definitely add something to your gaming experience and it’s always refreshing to find something new, especially when you’re getting bored with a game, it gives you a whole other reason to keep playing.

    Posted by snanders | June 3, 2013, 2:55 am

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