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ASSIGNMENT 2: *(just realized this was saved as a draft and not published, i had it completed 6/2 originally)

Call of Duty is a solid representation of Bogost’s concepts of Empathy and Reverence.  Through the experience of a graphically-dynamic and stunningly realistic world, we feel the sense of gratitude and awe that is created through a position which evokes empathy. Negative critique of the game could always include the fact that it creates an opposite sense of empathy—violence—, but as Bogost says: consumers need to adjust their moral expectations of video games to more appropriately relate to the following fact: games are designed to present an alternate reality, not necessarily to present an ideal reality. When I, and millions of others, pick up the controller to play Call of Duty, or any war-driven narrative game, we are not compelled by the desire to kill and bomb people, but we are driven by the desire to act out an awe-inspiring experience—being a soldier—and to take a walk in someone else’s combat boots. Call of Duty’s environment and its “graphic-realism” creates a feeling of reverence, and the immediacy of player interaction/reaction (first-person shooter, first-person narrative, etc…) allows us to act out a role which “gives us a sense of character,” and intensifies our emotions for other human lives and experiences.



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