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My Life as a Night Elf Priest Reading Schedule

Monday: Part 1

Wednesday: Part 2

Friday: Part 3/Finish

As I have already mentioned, this is an anthropological/ethnographic study of World of Warcraft. You probably have some familiarity with WoW since it has been around more than a decade and has millions of players. WoW is the most popular game within the genre of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs – Wikipedia). There are thousands of YouTube WoW videos, so if you are a total n00b, as Nardi puts it, you can check them out. However, the first part of the book provides a good introduction to WoW, as well as some basic information demographic information.

I find part 2 the most interesting. Here you will be introduced to activity theory, theories of play, and related concepts that I believe provide an excellent foundation for understanding the social and psychological operation of gaming.

Part 3 then looks at specific topics in relation to WoW: gaming addiction, theorycrafting (Wikipedia), gender, and a comparison of play between China and North America. Each of these is a good example of the kind of games research you might do in relation to a MMORPG.

Reading Response: as always, you are required to post/comment a minimum of 3 times this week. However, you also need a total of 25 posts/comments by the end of the session, so you should aim for at least 12 total posts/comments by the end of this week (our halfway point). Also keep in mind that starting next week,  you will begin your research projects and research blogging, which means an additional 10 posts. So I hope you are not leaving yourself a lot of work for the end.

So what should you write about? I think we are doing a good job of figuring that out so far. You can write in  general response to the reading, take up a specific issue or concept, link us to news and current conversations about MMORPGs, discuss your own gaming experiences in relation to the book, and, of course, comment on others.


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