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Performance and Video Games

One of the sections in Nardi’s My Life as a Night Elf Priest that I could relate to was the section entitled Performance within Chapter Four.  In this section Nardi compares performance in video games like World of Warcraft to performance in more traditional sports stating,

“Players spoke of the importance of “situational awareness, denoting the ability to mentally process rapid multidimensional environmental changes.  The same ability is mandatory in team sports, where the positions of the ball and the positions of other players, as well as their specific movements, must be tracked and responded to rapidly.”(pg55)

As Nardi was discussing the centrality of performance and competition in video games, I found that this is why I play online multiplayer video games, like Call of Duty, where I can compete with others around the world, in an environment similar to that of a sport like football or baseball, where teamwork and the sharpening of your skills can lead to accomplishing a given task.

Also in this section Nardi elaborates on how performance in games is tracked through the use of tables and logs, as well as through user created mods for WoW that displayed certain aspects of the game.  While I do not play, WoW, I found this similar to Call of Duty Elite, that allows gamers to see what guns and equipment a player is most efficient with, as well as heat maps that display where the user is most often killed.  I believe the competitiveness and the ability to actively better one’s performance in video games is a critical aspect of gaming that results in their fruition.



2 thoughts on “Performance and Video Games

  1. I like the angle you take on this topic, and I agree with what you are saying. Utilizing the environment around you is a great skill that can help you just about every aspect of life. Most people have heard the phrase “mind your surroundings”. This phrase makes an appearance in one of my favorite series of all time, the Batman series. With respect to fighting, it’s just as important to use the environment around you as the types of attacks you use. This can also help you to think outside of the box, for example in COD if you run out of ammo you have to resort to other weapons and tactics to survive.

    Posted by nrfico | June 18, 2013, 4:42 pm
    • Thanks for the response! I like and agree with your comment on utilizing environments to within video games, as it usually plays an important role in the users ability to complete or perform better in any given scenario, whether online or in campaign play. I have only heard good things regarding the Batman series and have wanted to give those games a try for a while, but I can defiantly see the environment would play a huge role in that series. Also, the situation you mentioned regarding Call of Duty is one I too have experienced many times, and it defiantly helps to use the environment to hide and wait to use your knife on an opponent when out of ammo.

      Posted by bgwhipple | June 27, 2013, 9:45 pm

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