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Research Blogging Assignment

This week begins the second half of our course and our research project. As noted in the syllabus there is a research blogging activity. For this activity you will post 10 times (in addition to your regular participation). How is a “research blog post” different from a regular one?

  1. You must post in the “games research” category.
  2. Your post must discuss your research activity and/or a piece of research that you have found.

At least five of your posts should discuss a piece of academic research on video games that you have read as part of your research project. You should think of this as a blog version of an annotated bibliography. As  such you should include MLA style bibliographic information (I recommend easybib.com to create these) and a link if available. Then you should summarize the research (say 100-150 words). Finally you should offer some assessment of the source. Do you think you’ll use it and how? How does it relate to things we’ve read in class? What is interesting, valuable, or provocative about it?

You can write more than five of these posts if you want, but you can also write research blog posts that discuss your research process. You could post part of your essay as you’re working on it, for example. You could discuss challenges that you are facing (e.g. trouble finding a particular kind of research or narrowing your topic or whatever).

For your first post, I’d like to see 200 words or so describing the project you want to do. What is the question you want to answer? Why do you think it is important? Who else do you think cares about this question (i.e. who is your audience?)? What are the first steps you will take to get this project going?


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