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Research Blog #1: Topic Choice

For my paper I plan on examining the way gamers relate to games and each other as gendered and sexual subjects. Games have a gender problem. They often feature very sexualized images of women, women as secondary or subordinate characters, etc. Likewise, gamers can be incredibly unfriendly towards women and femininity, with, on occasion, even women taking part in misogyny. I’m still hashing out my ideas, but I think I would like to approach this topic in a two-fold manner, examining both the issues surrounding gender and the issues surrounding sexuality, which are predictably intertwined. Likewise, I will address both in game representation and out of game behavior between gamers.

Key concepts I would otherwise like to address will include: hypermasculinity in gaming representation and culture, the recreation of heterosexual norms through games and gaming culture, the ways rape culture function within gaming communities, and gamer reaction to criticism (see: the negative reaction to the Tropes vs. Women in Video Games Kickstarter).

I have already found a few articles on the subject which may be useful upon reading the abstract and a cursory skimming. Article topics include hypermasculinity, objectification, rape and the “Dickwolves” Penny Arcade fiasco. I will discuss these articles in further posts.



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