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Research Topic: Education

As someone who has considered going into teaching in the near future, the topic of video games in the education system has really interested me as it has been brought up throughout the course a few times.  I want to try to answer the question: what type of role can video games play in the educational system?  Throughout the course, we have all discussed how video games are simply more exciting than the reality we face in our daily lives.  With addictive video games such as World of Warcraft, we have seen how kids and adults can both easily get lost in a video game, enjoying it for its entertainment and rewarding (in the form of achievements and unlockables) value.  What about the educational value?  Is there one or can it be created?  How can this be incorporated into the classroom to enhance test scores and attendance?  These all seem to be important issues that I would like to look into.  In many of my education classes, the professors have all brought up the idea that we are in a new age of media literacy and it has yet to really be used to its full potential.  This seems like it is a very important issue for teachers and educators of all kinds.  In turn, this is something that parents may want to think about as well.  The world is forever a changing place, so maybe it’s time for the way students are taught to change as well and keep up with the times.



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