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Space and the First Person

While reading Alexander Galloway’s chapter “Origins of the First Person Shooter”, I started to make connections with the concept of space in games that we discussed a few weeks ago.  The first person view often found in shooter games or many role playing games gives a complete real life view of the area.  This means that the player can see out of his or her character’s eyes as if the player was in the game himself.  There are no limitations as to how far the player can see since he will be able to see as far as the horizon of the land goes.  This allows for a lot of detail to be placed into the game that should be able to be seen from far away.  This also means that every single angle of the scenery has to be fully rendered and functional.  As opposed to a game with a fixed camera view from the side such as in Paper Mario, there is an entire three dimensional world that has to be created into existence.  The detail put into the game world, or the set if we go by film terms, has to work from every angle and view.  The space around the character in this case is going to allow much more dynamic views that seem to be important as they not only get lost in many games, but also get lost in the real world when driving by car.



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