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Research Blog 1: Video Games and Spatial Cognition

The concept of immersion and how realistic games are getting could be one of the reasons many people are desensitized to social issues and events.  Video Games and Spatial Cognition is an essay on the various mental processes surrounding the use, development, and effects of video games on the mind.  There is a table describing the specific feedback that users get from playing a genre of games, showing that sensory detection is increased greatly from action and driving but not as much from maze/puzzle game.  Feedback is one of the main targets designers use for immersion.  The article delves into the very psychological and biological processes through sensory perception, memory, and learning; and through these I plan on using to help explain the biological side to the debate on desensitization from video games.

Article: Video Games and Spatial Cognition
Author: Ian Spence and Jing Feng



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