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Topic of Research

Being a student in electrical engineering I have decided to focus my research on user interfaces.  I will look through the history of games and how technology and other forms of media have affected the user interface and controls of video games.  Video games being less than a century old humans have not undergone any evolutionary changes yet the gaming experience present with Atari is far from the same as a modern console.  Is this due to increasing complexity of games, advancements in technology available, or are there outside events in our history that have also changed our requirements for games and our expectation of controls.  Can we blame Star Trek and Star Wars and other science fiction fantasy for this added complexity of controls, sliders, touchscreens, and joysticks or are we moving to the most empirical format and ultimately the best for our species.

If given the choice would the creators of classic video games have changed the interface to a more modern design?  Were they limited by technology or did the game thoroughly complete their vision as it was?  What is the future of user interface and controls in the world of gaming?



One thought on “Topic of Research

  1. I think game designers push the boundaries of technology to advance their games in whatever way possible; graphics, audio, interface, playability. Being able to push the boundaries and see what new creation that can present to the world is what every designer wants. The future will always be up to the limits of technology and how far the developer can push it.

    Posted by galaviz1 | June 14, 2013, 2:26 am

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