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Violence and video games (Research Blog 1)

In today’s modern world where some of the major issues our country discusses on a regular basis are gun violence and terrorism, video games have become a scapegoat for that violence. Many people correlate video games with violence because in certain games it is very easy to commit acts of violence and get away with them not only in real life but in the game as well. I would like to explore the relationship that real world violence and video games have shared and examine trends in violent crimes compared to release and popularity of violent games like Grand Theft Auto. The question I want to answer is “is there any real correlation between violence and video games, or have video games just become a scapegoat for violent activity.” For anyone that plays video games or has been a victim of a violent act, this would be an interesting topic. The first step in my research will be to see what research has been done on this in the past and see when it started and how it has changed. I will then attempt to find statistics around those periods of time on violent crimes and see if the theories presented in those research articles have proved to be true or not.



One thought on “Violence and video games (Research Blog 1)

  1. I like your idea of looking at the feature of violence and how it compares and is translated into real life. It reminds me of when Bogost was writing about the church in England that was offended and felt like they were portrayed in a bad light. This instead of featuring the translation of violence into real life but public perception and ownership. Can a feature in a game just by having it an interactive part of a game get users to feel a certain way about it outside of the game. I know in Gran tourismo and Need for Speed i would never pick the Subaru or Honda where that is in fact one of the cars i looked into buying so my perception of these vehicles in real life was different than my perception in a game. My goals in the two distict worlds were also different having the game universe be focused on speed and handling where real life i thought of comfort and gas mileage as well as price. I think some people will always have problems seperating fantasy from reality but like Nardi wrote about addicted gamers, the problem exists and is played out in the game not the game creating the problem.

    Posted by diomazurek | June 13, 2013, 11:54 am

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