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A New Hope, and no not the star wars kind

E3, one of the largest electronics expos has brought us the newest innovations in gaming and electronics, one of which can be the next form of perspective in gaming.  The game, Lost in Shadow has been released and after game play, trailer and spotlight videos, this game has changed a lot about perspective in video games.  Galloway talks about the discovery of the first person shooter and the development of real time strategy games, but this game puts the user in an outer world experience, in which you see the shadow, you see the light and there is a tear.  I am really hoping this game is as great as it seems on release because I will probably be one of the first to buy it.  Side-scrollers have been around since the first arcade games but they were linear and one directional.  Lost in Shadows brings together a traditional side scroller concept and game play with the graphics of a 3d world and multi-perspective.  Truly a very innovating design in the very bland and regimental releases and re-releases announced at E3.  Perspective leads to the ideas of immersion and I will most likely be using this in some form of my essay.  Immersion comes from a multitude of ingredients that add up to the end product of a truly immersive game.  Perspective is one of those ingredients.



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