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Games Research Topic

Throughout this course one topic that has been a serious interest to me is incorporating games in education. Gaming in education is also something that has been brought up in past classes that I have taken in the past and something that I have thought about myself. What I would like to figure out is whether or not incorporating games into education would be a good thing or a bad thing (for the short term and long term education of students). I think that this is a very important topic because using games in education could have a huge impact on the experience that students have in schools. In McGonigal’s book the one thing that really interested me was Quest to Learn and to start I would like to look further into this school so that I can get a deeper idea of what this school is all about. I would like to see what people besides McGonigal think about this school. After this I will do some more widespread research on the negative and positive effects that researchers think using gaming in education would have.



One thought on “Games Research Topic

  1. those of you who are interested in gaming and education should certainly check out the work of James Paul Gee.

    Posted by Alex Reid | June 13, 2013, 12:13 pm

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