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Ultima series (Res #1)

The history of the Ultima series began in the 1980’s by a man named Richard Garriot and was a new type of game for computer systems at the time. It was re-invented as technology grew and ended in the final installment of Ultima IX. This game inter-mingled a world of fantasy adventure that could be played by multiple people. It was similar to any role playing game and had such success the follower’s continued to play it as new and better versions were made. This type of fan base is a crucial aspect of the addiction that games can play in a person’s life, good or bad. These styles of games influenced an entire generation, one of the first, of video gamers. What is the actual affect it has played on this generation? http://ultima.wikia.com/wiki/History_of_the_Ultima_Series



5 thoughts on “Ultima series (Res #1)

  1. I actually just have a comment about Ultima in general. The game actually didn’t end with IX, it moved to the internet. After the installment of Ultima IX for purchase the developers moved into the online realm with Ultimaonline.com. Ultima was critical in game development and theory as with the different installments users saw better use of graphics, game play, story board, and even action consequences which was a leap when it was created. The ultima series is a good example of video gaming through a decade and its rise in the gaming community.

    Posted by galaviz1 | June 13, 2013, 7:18 pm
    • Ultima is just as noteworthy in gaming history as WoW and I’m happy to see it getting some burn on this blog. I’ve said earlier that I don’t play MMORPGs, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be fascinated by them–and Ultima was the first of its kind in terms of size and popularity. And it was also the first to showcase the incredibly terrible levels of smiting that online gamers are willing to go to. Hilarious that you mention Richard Garriot–one of my favorite stories is of his much publicized visit to his game world.

      Garriot shows up with a mighty armed guard and with a super powered avatar. All the top players (actually, pretty much ALL the players) show up for this event. The answer to your next question is yes–within minutes, Garriot was set on fire and destroyed. Some shitbird player assassinated the creator of his game. Obviously. The guards tried to stifle the action but it quickly turned into a full-scale war and the bloodshed only stopped when administrators shattered the physics/rules of the game and just zapped legions of rioting players away. Basically, it was fucking awesome.

      Posted by bretth2 | June 14, 2013, 7:39 pm
      • I agree with you wholeheartedly that Ultima is just as noteworthy as WOW. Where did you hear that story about Garriot? I find it amazing from a humanist perspective of a riot happening in a virtual world. When you talk of this incident I immediately see a brawl between tons of people in real life. It is probably easy to say that the people that were part of this fighting got a rush just like in a real life fight. One question though, did the gamers know that the character was Garriot? I would love to read more about it if you have a website I could go to. Thanks for the feedback!

        Posted by wjcasey | June 16, 2013, 3:47 pm
    • It makes sense that it is now an on-line game and it did not end at Ultima IX, though I was unaware of that due to my inexperience in the world of on-line gaming. When it came out I was only a child and it was an amazing and awe inspiring creation at the time. Did you ever play it in its original format, it was such a crude looking game in today’s standards but at the time it was revolutionary. What I find intriguing about it is that it may look undeveloped but it was just as complex as any games that people play today. The world of gaming in this epic style of play has changed in many ways but the theory behind them is the exact same as it was in its inception. Thanks for the information I appreciate the fact that the game still exists in an on-line fashion, it surely is a lasting game.

      Posted by wjcasey | June 16, 2013, 4:05 pm

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