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Games Research Post 1

For my research project, I want to focus on and write up an essay on the relationship between video games and exercising, and how the benefits of video games and video game concepts allows an option for users to lead a healthier lifestyle.  While I think this may be a fairly broad topic at this stage of my research, I hope to narrow down the boundaries of this field.  The question I want to answer at the conclusion of this assignment is, are video games a viable option to engage in physical exercise, and how are video game concepts utilized for the benefit of health and exercise.  I think this is an important field in that utilizing video game concepts, as argued in Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken, may lead to the increased involvement in exercise activity, which counteracts the commonly held notion that video games in general promote static and unhealthy behaviors.  My audience / who would care about this topic, I believe, would be a large field, as it involves both the gaming community as well as those who are engaged in regular exercise activities.  The first steps toward completing this project, I will conduct some preliminary research and attempt to narrow down my topic, as well as try to obtain some useful articles / documents to start my research paper.



2 thoughts on “Games Research Post 1

  1. This sounds like a great topic to be researching. I can tell you a little bit of my experience with exercise type games and hopefully it will help in sparking something to discuss. I have a niece and nephew who, a few years ago, were addicted to the WII games of Just Dance and WII Fit. My wife and I were over my brother’s house one night for dinner and when we finished I was made to participate in playing both games with them. I had a blast dancing around the house following the moves on the screen in Just Dance and worked up a sweat and felt like I had a great workout in WII Fit. In both games I was getting my heart rate up and burning calories. What a great idea of incorporating fitness in the world of gaming.

    When I returned home I purchased a WII Fit, I spent quite a bit of money on all the parts that go with it. At that point I decided this was a great activity that I would use all the time! Needless to say I have never opened the game and it, along with all its parts, is sitting in my attic. As I have returned to my brother’s house since then I have also not seen my niece and nephew play it. I think that like many things in life that are enjoyable there can be a shelf life on them. Exercise games are definitely in this category for me. Maybe you will find this different in other people, Good luck on your paper!

    Posted by wjcasey | June 16, 2013, 4:25 pm
    • Thanks for the feedback and insight! I defiantly agree with your viewpoint on the short shelf life that these games tend to have, and is something that I’ll have to look into more while researching for this topic. I’ve had similar experiences with these types of games, from Wii Sports, to PS move’s sports champions, I’d buy these games and they would end up not being used for more than a few times. As far as other people’s experience with them or what the gaming industry is doing to confront or resolve these issues will be interesting for sure.

      Posted by bgwhipple | June 16, 2013, 10:59 pm

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