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Research Blog #2: Video Games in Education

This article I found gives a few really good examples of specific games that have been created for the purpose of educating students.  Produced by the government, one specific game called Immune Attack teaches biology concepts as the player must teach their character’s immune system how to work properly.  Another game titled Discover Babylon is intended to teach eight to fourteen year olds about Mesopotamian society.  The article also discusses ideas about playing to learn and how it can be an effective method to help get a person engaged, especially someone from today’s Net Generation who is surrounded by games and internet twenty-four hours of the day.

This article is definitely one I believe I will use for my research paper.  It gives a lot of information on exactly the topic I am looking for.  Along with that, it gives a broad range of topics inside the article about different aspects of gaming and learning, including why and how they work together and also what educators can do to implement these ideas into their own classrooms.  I find the specific games it uses as examples to be interesting simply because it gives actual proof for what it is talking about, and does not just simply discuss how it can be done.

Annetta, Leonard. “Video Games in Education: Why They Should Be Used and How They Are Being Used.” Theory Into Practice: n. pag. EBSCOhost. Web. 14 June 2013.



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