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Research Blog #3: Interactive Video Games in Physical Education

This article discusses how over the past few years video games have been introduced to physical education classes as a means of staying healthy.  Of course these games require actual movement and consistent use can lead to better physical fitness.  Some games being used are Dance Dance Revolution and many of the other games that simulate actual dancing.  The article explains that these games require skill and can be challenging for both inactive and active participants as they offer various difficulty levels.  The point of incorporating these games into the phys ed classes are to get students moving.  Many people that do not enjoy most physical activity or sports still enjoy these games, which get heart rates up just as easily as anything else.

This article seems helpful to me because it shows a purpose for video games where they seem to be the least appropriate place to be in: gym class.  I really like this idea because it is something I believe many students will know little about and once they try these games, they will realize that they actually do enjoy them.  Then they are more likely to purchase them at home and this would be a new form of physical activity that they may never have gotten before, except when forced to during P.E.

Christie, Brett. “Interactive Video Games in Physical Education: Rather than Contribute to a Sedentary Lifestyle, These Games Demand Activity from the Players.” The Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance: n. pag. Academic OneFile. Web. 14 June 2013.



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