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Subjective Shot

I found the chapter titled Origins of the FPS very interesting. I have always been familiar with the subjective shot but never known what it was called or noticed that it is only used in certain situations. After reading the chapter I thought about the numerous movies that I have seen this in and realized that it was always used at the perfect times. While the subjective shot cannot be successfully used throughout an entire movie, using it at the right time can make a big difference. I especially like this technique in horror movies! While I enjoy what the subjective perspective can be used for in movies, I am not a fan of it in video games. I agree that it does, as Galloway says, “achieve an intuitive sense of motion and action in game-play” and for most people this is most likely enjoyable. The sense of seeing things through your characters eyes gives the game a more authentic feeling than if you were to be controlling your character from the general point of view. I personally just prefer the general point of view.



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