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In Ian Bogost’s How To Do Things With Videogames, I found the chapter on empathy very eye-opening. I understand that videogames often do play on your emotions throughout the plot with its twists and turns, but this chapter showed that it can be more impactful than just your everyday storyline. I think the example using the example of The Legend of Zelda and Darfur is Dying express this the best. Many games use stealth and cover to the main character’s advantage, attacking from the dark to surprise their target. But Darfur is Dying uses stealth in a much different way. Instead of it being used as an advantage, it becomes your only method of survival. Instead of empowering the player, it actually weakens the player, creating a sense of fear and inability to escape. This is a great way to show the game’s players what life would be like. It’s very moving because the main character in videogames is almost always someone with unique powers or abilities, and to play a game where you are a regular person stuck in a particular circumstance like Darfur, it makes the situation much more relatable.



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