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Game Review on Big Win MLB

I’m not too much of a video game player who spends his time in front of the television playing countless hours on the houses Xbox and or PS3.  What I do love to spend countless hours on is watching America’s past time sport, baseball.  I wasn’t really sure on what game to write on when the class was assigned this assignment.  However, I went through the app store for the iPhone and did find a baseball game that made me immediately fall in love with it.  The game is called Big Win MLB.

If you or any other gamer who is in love the sport of baseball as much as I am then you may like this game too.  I found myself log in hours and hours of this game, it’s awesome.  It honestly brings me back to my child hood.  The game starts off with its usual intro as if any other game of where to begin.  The game presents baseball card packs, there are eight different types of baseball packs.  There are Bronze packs, Silver packs, Gold packs, Big Players pack, Big Impact packs, Big Boosts packs, Big Contract packs, and finally MLB Uniform packs.  Not all of these are the same along with the same prices.  Yes this game has price and an exchange of currency as well.  Players are given one thousand coins and ten bucks to start off with in the game.  Now going over what’s inside these baseball card packets.  If a player is to choose the Bronze baseball packet, inside there are six items per pack which featured big impacts (these are types of moves such as No Errors, Making Contact with the ball, and so on), Bronze Players (normally not your big key players and that aren’t as well known, contracts (these are needed in order to keep your players), Bronze Skill Boosts (which gives the gamers the chance to increase their baseball players skills such as arm strength, contact with the ball, power on the ball etc.), and lastly there are Bronze Uniforms (which these let you decorate your team).  Also the Bronze packets give you a rare chance to give you Silver Players (Bigger players with more skills than Bronze Players), Silver Skill Boosts (better boosts for your players than the Bronze packets), and also Silver Uniforms.  The Silver baseball card packets also include six items within the pack.  This gives gamers a chance to get Big Impacts, Silver Players, Contracts, Silver Skill Boosts, Silver Uniforms, and also Add Skills.  The Silver packet if just like the Bronze packet, with just a better chance to get Silver Players to make your baseball team more skilled.  Now for the Gold Packets, like the Bronze and Silver packets this gives you players six items per a pack.  Within these packs there are chances to get better Big Impacts, Gold Players (very well known such as Shane Victorino), Contracts, Skill Boosts, Add Skills, and Uniforms.  This type of packet gives gamers the chance to have a rare chance for Platinum Players (players like Alex Rodriguez or Miguel Cabrera).  Then the last packet to get players in is in the Big Players Packets, which there are only three star players per a pack that feature gold and platinum players.  The other packets are self explanatory on what gamers may get inside the packs.  But these packets all vary different prices, such as the Bronze is worth 150 coins, Silver 1,000 coins, Gold ten bucks, Big Players 400 bucks, Big Impacts/Boosts/Contracts all 100 bucks, and the MLB Uniform Packets are worth 50 bucks.  Score of Originality: 8

Now to get into the game itself.  Players are given packets that have all baseball positions including designated hitter.  In order for the player to receive more coins or bucks he or she has to go into games.  They can either win games by playing in pennants, events, or playing against friends.  In Pennants gammers have four choices to choose from, Pro 10 Games, Pro 20 Games, Amateur 10 Games, and Amateur 20 Games.  Each have different prize money with the teams with the best records.  In the Pro games, gamers have a better chance to get higher prizes, where as in the Amateur games the prizes aren’t as high.  In Pro 10 Games, first place will win 100 bucks and 500 coins where a fifth place will only win 10 bucks and 500 coins.  Then in Pro 20 Games first is a grand prize of 200 bucks and 500 coins and fifth place can receive only 20 bucks and 500 coins.  To look at the Amateur Games, the prizes are nothing like the Pro Games.  For first place in Amateur 10 Games it’s only 25 bucks and 500 coins where fifth place is only a small winning of 3 bucks and 500 coins.  Lastly in the Amateur 20 Games first place is 50 bucks and 500 coins and 5th place is 5 bucks and 500 coins.  The more pennant games a gamer wins the more coins and bucks he will have to spend on Card Packets.  Also with the Pennant Category, there are Events where there are usually large tournament style games that have prizes as well.  They come up only once a week with different prizes each week.  Score of Concept to get Money:  7.5

Once gamers are about to start a game, they can equip their team with their impacts.  This will give one a better chance to win the game against their online opponent.  A player can decide from three different impacts that they have, debating what impacts they have.  Examples would be Making Contact (this helps your teams score as many runs as they can), No Errors, The Cannon (helps outfielders make great plays by throwing out runners at close plays), and there are many more.  Once the gamer is done selecting what Big Impacts he or she wants for his or her team, play ball!  Gamers can choose if they want to watch the whole game, jump to a certain inning in the game, or just skip the whole game over all.  Depending if the player’s team wins their game against the online opponent depends how many points they earn from that specific game.  Score of Winning:  7

The sounds of the Big Win MLB makes me think of the ESPN intro a bit.  To me it’s nothing too special about it.  If the gamer was to watch the entire game of the baseball game that their team is playing in, they’ll hear the cheering of the crowd, the hit of the baseball with the bat, the ump making the call, and players sliding in and out of the bases.  Personally I think the sound effects for the actual baseball game I think is spot on and I enjoy hearing them.  Makes me feel like I’m actually part of a baseball game.  Score of the Sound: 6.5

Overall the goal of the game is to win as many games to win as much money, which go towards different packets.  Players want to try to get the best team that they can as possible, which would be stacking their team up with the best players from the MLB.

Overall Score of the Game:  7.25



One thought on “Game Review on Big Win MLB

  1. This sounds to me a little like Strat-O-Matic Baseball, which is a pen/paper/dice game . I remember playing this as a kid, and I think it heavily influenced today’s fantasy baseball games. We see similar kinds of gameplay in the team manager versions of console games like Madden NFL and FIFA Soccer.

    Posted by Alex Reid | June 24, 2013, 1:59 pm

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