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Wiki has all answers

Wikipedia definition of immersion is:

the state of consciousness where a “visitor” (Maurice Benayoun) or “immersant” (Char Davies)’s awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engrossing environment; often artificial, creating a perception of Presence in a non-physical world.

The article then describes various forms of immersion, being tactical, strategic, narrative, and spatial and provides an example for each.  A solid understanding of any concept and research into a theory can only be done well if started owning an understanding of the basis of the research.  To attempt to explain the ties between immersion and de-sensitivity to society, you must understand both immersion and de-sensitivity.  The article also provides pictures and examples of current forms of virtual reality which can vary from HMD (head mounted displays) to things like “the Cave”




One thought on “Wiki has all answers

  1. Wikipedia is often a great place to begin a research project.

    Posted by Alex Reid | June 17, 2013, 2:58 pm

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