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my life as a night elf priest

As a person who enjoys video games I was interested in reading this book because I had several friends who played World of Warcraft, but I myself had never tried it and I never really understood what all the hype was surrounding this game. Now after reading this book I feel like I have a much better understanding of the game. I now understand that WOW is basically another world that regular people enter as soon as they log into their game, similar to the Harry Potter books and movies. I previously understood that video games were a way of getting away from the troubles of everyday life, but I was unaware as to the extent if its capability. Originally I believed that you just made a character to fight and kill things, but now I know that there is much more to do. There are quests which require team-work. One of the bigger surprises is that there is an actually world where you can just go and socialize with friends, or even make new ones. I had no idea that was possible. After reading this book I would defiantly like to try this game.



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