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Immersion Videos

Most FPS shooter games provide a very non-realistic sense of what the person is carrying.  Often times, a soldier or game character could be carrying close to 8 guns at one time.  In one of the original FPS games, Doom, the player was able to carry a pistol, shotgun, double barrel shotgun, machine gun, rocket launcher, plasma gun, and the B.F.G 9000, and on top of all of that a chainsaw.  The creators of the video managed to strap all of that to a person and send them through a obstacle course.  Taking a game apart in terms of its components and major ideas should include the little details like what the character is carrying and what the player can actually do.  A game like Halo where the character can jump twice the height of man and take hundreds of bullets before dying cannot be taken as immersive and realistic as a game where one bullet or crossbow bolt can kill your character.  For Doom, this game was barely immersive due to the vast amount of guns a single man could carry.  In sum, games must be seen for each individual aspect of the game, everything from plot to basic inventory.




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