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Insatiably Sweet- Candy Crush review.

In the many hours of waiting at the airport, in between classes or travelling, I have exhausted my phone and my mind with millions of games easily downloaded from the Internet. I have played angry birds, temple run, bejeweled and many others to a point where I have started to use my phone more for gaming than any other activity. After playing these games over and over again, I confessed to a friend that I have become bored of catapulting birds and destroying pigs. She, of course, recommended me another game to add to my phone- Candy Crush. I had heard of this game, it was all over Facebook, my friends had loaded my newsfeed and with new scores and notified me a million times with invitations. I think the sheer popularity and obsession with it made me want to NOT try it. I was happy with my angry birds and temple run. But since I had nothing better to do I decided to give it a try.

Candy Crush (the name itself caused me a tooth ache) is a relatively simple game. The player has to match up a string of at least three similar candies. Once the player is able to place 3 or more candies in a string together either vertical or horizontal, the candies disappear and the board re-adjusts itself. If the player is able to line up 4 blue candies either in a L or T form, they transform into a special wrapped candy which when put together with a similar kind causes and explosion, making the other candies in the same line disappear. If the player is able to combine two rows of killer candies it creates a cross killer candy or an explosion candy.

This game has goals. The player has to create as many patterns of candy in a given time. The more candies exploded the more points the player gets. It is relatively simple at first and does not need a lot of focus or concentration, but as the levels go up the concentration and difficulty levels go up as well. This is not a game for people who lose their patience, but good for those who like to exercise their mind. Each board has an objective, either its bursting a bubble with a specific candy inside or bring special candies from the bottom of the board upward. The player can get bonus power ups if the levels are completed correctly. In these types of boards there is no time limit, but there are only a few number of moves one can make. This makes Candy Crush innovating and fresh each time, keeping the player interested as new versions of the game pop up at each level.

The game has beautiful music in the intro and during the game. It kind of reminds one of a European country such as France or Switzerland. This makes the game appealing on a sensory level. The player gets to here exotic music, which is not hammered into one’s ears, but is soothing, fun and sweet.  The kind of music one would hear in a square down in Paris- a candy shop tune! The Graphics are beautiful, the candies are appealing to the eye as each one is bright and colourful and the special candies are quite unique too. The game appeals to all age groups, as the game isn’t complicated, does not have any sort of violence and is visually appealing to everyone. The one problem that some people might have is the fact that it can get too bright and can irritate the eyes. The game has an addicting quality since player might want to know what the next level is like and since one can play with friends, the player might want to beat them with the highest score possible.

The other Candy Crush which one can find on Facebook is called Candy Crush Saga- the name has an adventurous tone to it. It has a story line- A cute little girl helps the candy people. Each level is a chapter with cutesy names like ‘Candy Town’ and ‘ Lemonade Lake.’ The Levels at first seem easy enough, but once one reaches level 8 and above, one start to lose patience. It is a game, which differs from Bejewelled, which is the same each time as this game give the player a new format on each level. I had downloaded the basic format Candy Crush on my smartphone which was similar to bejewelled. Candy Crush Saga different. It is constructed like an adventure journey with candies exploding and power up at each road. After playing and becoming addicted to the Candy Crush on my phone, I decided to try the Facebook version- Candy Crush Saga.  The game was easy enough at first and I really did not understand why my friends were complaining about it being difficult. However, when I reached level 9 and I started to feel the heat. The game becomes difficult and starts requiring a lot of patience, which unfortunately I do not have. I started cursing and losing my temper. It is then when I realized that the player starts to take the game quite seriously. Every time I lost a level, I would go back with a mission plan. Learning from my mistakes and before you know it, you are looking at cheats.

The game has an addicting quality, but it allows the player to interact, in a competitive manner with friends. It can be played on Facebook mainly because it is a social game, which needs a social medium. Candy Crush Saga of course, feeds on this addiction. If the player wants to move up a level, one has to either buy it or ask to get ‘tickets’ or boosts from their friends. Asking one’s friends for tickets to play a game called Candy Crush can be something embarrassing, so the true player pays his or her way through. Boosts also need to be purchased in the game- this is where I opted out.

I prefer playing Candy Crush Bejewelled style on my phone. Unlike Bejewelled, candy Crush is more appealing to the eye and it has nice music. Candy Crush Saga is something that true Candy Crush lovers would enjoy. If you don’t mind spending money on games or if your friends are addicted to the game and don’t mind boosting you up, then this is the game for you.

Candy Crush Rating- 9.0

Candy Crush Saga- 6.5



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