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Ready Player one- Dissatisfaction

In the novel ‘Ready Player one,’ one can see that the characters in the book are dissatisfied with reality and are in a constant need of escape. OASIS, a realistic MMO game, gives various characters this chance of freedom- to avoid being in contact with real world problems. The real world portrayed in this novel, is a dystopian one, there is nothing but poverty and grief. This makes is easy for everyone to fall into OASIS as a means of escape. The OASIS is so realistic that characters seem to forget that they are in a virtual reality space and not the real world, Wade himself states “(OASIS) was an escape hatch into better reality.”(18) While reading about this wonderfully complex virtual reality, which had a digital library of it own filled with everything, I wondered whether it is a good thing to ignore real world problems in a attempt to get a moment of peace in another world. The main character states that there is a side effect to spending so much time in OASIS : ” Problems talking to people, shy, awkward, overweight and addicted to OASIS.” Instead of solving the problem Wade joins an online school in OASIS, which allows him to become invisible and ‘safe.’

It seems that most of this novel takes place in OASIS- the very name sounds utopian. It also alludes to a sort of mirage. Cline seems to express the deep desire of every human being- a search for our own OASIS. Virtual reality games that we have such as second life or SIMS emulate utopia, a world where you can be whatever and anything one really wants to do. Our appearances are take a backseat as in a virtual world your avatar can be as beautiful and perfect as you want it to be. When one is submerged in this world, one starts to prefer it as life seems easier than in the real world.




3 thoughts on “Ready Player one- Dissatisfaction

  1. The film Surrogates reminded me of OASIS in several ways. In Surrogates, the world has succumbed to staying hidden in their homes while a robot avatar they control from a chair roams the outside world. OASIS makes its users feel invisible and safe, which is exactly why a robot surrogate is so appealing; there is literally no risk in playing hermit in an apartment and never coming outside. Also, you can choose what your robot looks like. Similar to designing an avatar in OASIS, choosing a beautiful looking robot to represent you allows you to disregard your actual appearance, or even your sex. In Surrogates there is a character represented by a rather attractive woman, only to be revealed as a pale overweight man in reality. The main dilemma in Surrogates arises when a group of rebels who deny the use of robots obtain a weapon that travels through the surrogate system and destroys the human behind the robot. Suddenly, the safety is taken away, and there is a mass panic. Suppose there was a way to have some sort of harm come to the user in OASIS, would it still be so appealing? I would think not.

    Posted by sccrdude540 | June 20, 2013, 11:03 am
  2. What I think is a good point to think about is whether or not submerging yourself entirely into OASIS, like many people do, would be a good thing or a bad thing. It is easy to see why they do it, as reality doesn’t have much left at this point. Everyone lives cramped on top of each other, most people rely on food stamps and food is hard to come by. I imagine many people do not have time to worry about their own physical appearance since survival is the first thing on everyone’s mind. Then, they are able to escape in OASIS, where they are able to be attractive, make friends, and live life how they want. It sounds like a good idea to me. As a matter of fact, I might be inclined to do the same thing under the same circumstances. In a way, people are submerging themselves into the game simply as a way of survival for themselves. Without it, I am sure many people would go crazy or fall into a mental state that can be very harmful to themselves and to others around them. While OASIS is an escape from reality that prevents a person from living their true life, when there is nothing left in the true life and not anything that can be done about it, then maybe this isn’t such a bad alternative after all.

    Posted by jamesste | June 20, 2013, 11:59 am
  3. This is something I also have been thinking a lot about while reading this book. It fascinates me that there is this world that they can enter and its perfect unlike the world that they actually live in. I found myself wishing the Oasis were real. The most amazing part to me is that people with no money can use Oasis for free. I agree, however, that this could turn into a problem. If they become so obsessed with the world they create for themselves in the Oasis, they forget about what is going on in their real lives. There is a point in the book where Wade is so immersed in the Oasis that he loses track of time and forgets to eat and has been awake for over 24 hours. He admits to his grades slipping. I am sure this happens to people today who have an unhealthy addiction to video games, but if this Oasis were real, I think the problem with addiction would be much worse. I think there are a lot of people that look for an escape from reality and Oasis is the perfect program to do that with. Art3mis, however, wants the money from finding Halliday’s egg to fix the real world problems, so maybe there would still be hope.

    Posted by sierrasu | June 21, 2013, 12:45 am

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