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Research 1: _HUD and Fictional Environment

This author focuses on in-game user interface and its relation to the type of user.   She classifies users in three categories depending on their view of the necessity
of a fully immersive gaming universe.  With the extremes being the players who feel as though the HUD ruins the fiction of the game to the players who are not very concerned with the storyline associated or environment but focus on the gameplay and how effective
the information is being presented to them.  The author concluded that it isn’t as much the fictional universe as it is the player’s interaction to all the features and how concisely they are presented to add to the experience instead of detracting from it.    Game designers should look to maintain flow as well as ease of use with clear concise information in order to create the best HUD for the user allowing the fiction to take over.

Jorgensen, Kristine. “The User Interface Continuum: A Study Of Player Preference.” Gamasutra Article. Gamasutra, 12 Apr. 2011. Web. 18 June 2013.



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