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Video Games in a Dystopian Society?

When beginning Ready Player One, I found it interesting to think of what type of technologies lasted and what did not after a large scale energy crisis.  In the book, it seems as though most high tech technologies are not used anymore.  Along with that, standards of living have decreased tremendously, with everyone living literally on top of each other in stacked trailers.  However, one major technology that seems to be unaffected by the energy crisis is the Oasis game system.  The game becomes our protagonist’s life, fun, and school.  This is not the case for only him.  Other people play the game as well, some hoping to find three keys that will help them inherit a massive fortune from the game’s creator.  This makes me question if something major were to happen in the world, such as a large scale energy crisis, World War III, or any of countless possibilities of natural disasters, would video games last through everything?  After all, they have never really had to withstand any major events since no major wars or long term disasters have happened since then that really effected every person.  It seems to be a question of how important video games are to people.  While many gamers feel as though they have to play them on a regular basis. many people can easily give up video games if they do not have enough time, money, or resources.  I really cannot think of a true answer to this question, although I do think that some video games would last, especially if we continue moving into the era of interactive games.  If video game developers can create games that provide more than just entertainment, such as exercise or brain development, then people are more likely to think of video games as an important part of our culture that cannot be gotten rid of.



One thought on “Video Games in a Dystopian Society?

  1. This book takes place in the year 2045, so who knows what we might achieve in virtual gaming by that time. I think you question is an interesting one. I don’t know if video games would last during a world crisis, but I guess humans go into hiding, trying to find another world more perfect than the current one, in order to live perfect lives. But I have no idea what we might do in situation such as that. If we had a virtual reality system like OASIS, I think I might prefer to be in there, instead of living a life full of misery. It easy to escape from reality, people do it all the time- when one is stressed, one tries to find things to do rather than tackle the issue itself. So I think if the world ever falls apart, we might need an OASIS to keep us mentally alive.

    Posted by aditipre | June 18, 2013, 6:11 pm

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