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Research 3: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

Within the next article that I found for my research project, this one is geared towards more the horrific high school shooting at Columbine, Colorado.  Media had discovered that Harris and Klebold had invested their free time with violent video games such as “Wolfenstein 3D”, “Doom”, and lastly “Mortal Kombat.”  So not only was the Newtown, Connecticut shooter connected to being violent due to video game violence, but so are the shooters from a shooting that was from 1999.  A study in 2001 came out stating, “roughly 79 percent of America’s youth play video games, many of them for at least eight hours a week.”  It could make one think on what is the percentage of these young gamers investing their free time with violent games?  However at the end of the article it is found out that these video games don’t necessarily bring these gamers to violence but rather leading the players to violent behaviors or thoughts.  As mentioned in the first article that I studied, violent video games are the slow but surely small steps towards video games.



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