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Research 4: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

For this next post, I never really thought about it before just until now, but couldn’t the usage of violent video games and guns sort have a linkage to one another?  With the past shooting incidents that has happened within our decade, people have thought that guns kill people or the cause of peoples deaths.  However in reality its quite the opposite, people kill people and there has to be an explanation to why or how these action are brought up.  With these thoughts could guns bring up the same aggressive behavior and thoughts just the same as violent video games do?  I remember a while ago when I was watching some pawn store show (no not Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn).  This father and daughter walked into the store looking for a gun for them to purchase for the girl.  I was astonished because she had to be at youngest ten years old.  A fun fact popped up on the bottom of the screen stating that southern people normally purchase fire arms for their children because it creates a source of responsibility for the children when they get older.  From there I just remembered it now and decided to look it up on the internet to see if it was true or not.  I pulled up an article, Guns Made for Kids Spark Safety Debate by Audrey Ford, that clearly states in a well compiled argument that children gain responsibility by owning guns at a young age.



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