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Review: Transformers Legends for iOS and Android

Being interested in Transformers when I was a kid made this game stand out for me and overall I have to say that it is a great way to kill hours.  This is another of the phone platform games that allows the player to download and play for free but leaves the player behind if they are not willing to pay for points as well as virtual dollars.  The game is based on the Transformers universe from the late eighties and features the characters on trading cards which the players can put together a 9 person team to battle one another and participate in events.

Developed by Mobage, a mobile games designer who specializes in these virtual trading card games has adapted everyone’s favorite Transformers characters into deck building and leveling up adventure.  The player can go into missions that will use up energy that only items and time can restore at the rate of 1 point per minute as well as participate in Player vs. Player battles where each player pits there best nine cards against the other.  The battles use cubes which the player has initially three of and can only regenerate with items and time.  Although there are not any videos to elaborate on the story they did provide the player with great visuals on each card.  Each card has the character artfully rendered on it while cards that are rated as rare of higher have a 3D effect to them, as the player moves their phone the layers of the card move independently giving it the appearance of Three dimensions.  This effect is great as well as the graphics for these cards are really crisp and eye catching but for a classic transformers fan like me the fact that they used the classic looks for the characters makes it that much better.  The menus and the options screens as well as the mission screens are simple but are in high definition making it appealing to the user.  The graphics are simple yet rendered well giving them an 8/10.

Unlike other games of this genre that I have researched this game is very fast making the wait times between commands minimal, this is great especially since leveling up often causes the player to repeat similar tasks to achieve the proper amount of points.  They also do not require the player to reload the page to see new events as they appear unlike most, but due to this constant searching for new information the game will decimate the devices battery.  A recent update has taken the constant search for updates and has made it a few seconds reducing the effects a little but playing this game for longer than an hour will put you in the red.  This makes battery consumption relatively high for this game making it hard to play often on the go.  For battery consumption which is a major factor when playing these types of games, I give it a 3/10.

Using an epic soundtrack the game has a great presence using horns to provide a sound similar to the new Star Trek theme as well as other orchestra instruments to give the user a grand experience.   Although they have not made a unique sound for each stage or even every boss battle they have made a different track to emphasize the different modes which include battles and missions as well as special events.  Each button pressed provides an electronic sound that blends well with the theme of the game as well as provides confirmation.  Upon entering a battle with another player the audio switches to a more menacing and serious track with sounds accompanying each of the different types of weapons.  I give the Audio for this simple game a 6/10.  I think it is fantastic as far as adding to the theme of the game but is simple and would pale in comparison to console or PC games.  So to put this in perspective I would be hard pressed to give any iOS /Android game anything over a 7/10.

The user interface provides the user with a simple yet sleek design that places many of its important features within reach making navigation very simple.  The designers could have anticipated needs a little better, throughout the game the player find themselves having to use the home key in order to get back to where the options are but due to being a simple game with more emphasis of deck building and tactics the player doesn’t often feel rushed to have to be able to access any of these options quickly.  They have done a great job of keeping with the theme and presented the idea in an easy to learn way so I would give the controls and user interface a 6/10.

This game is simple yet with the deck building and almost infinite combinations of characters and weapons it adds a certain twist making it very addicting.  Like with many games of this kind there are different levels of characters that can be found and won.  Even though you may become bored with the game at one point having made the best group that you could, before you know it your interest is peeked again with the arrival of an Ultra Rare card.  When a player just starts they are not stingy with free cards as well as having options to automatically generate the best deck.  This is a great feature for players that are just getting started allowing them to still use the game without necessarily knowing what makes the best deck.  Each character has three stats and multiple percentage bonuses, Health, Attack, and Defense.  The bonuses are provided for certain events such as having the card at max level, trans-scan(when two cards are combined to form a complete character), weapon type bonus, and signature weapon bonus to name a few.  This brings me to another crucial difference that makes this game a little more interesting, in most card games the player can evolve his cards by obtaining 2 of any one character to form a stronger version of the character, and Transformers uses not two like characters but its two different modes.  The player combines or “Trans-Scans” the robot mode and the vehicle mode card to create the final card which is more powerful than each was individually.  A feature that has been dropped is the change in the look in the evolved cards that often happens in other games but due to the creative and fantastic drawings in Transformers I am fine with this.

After reading several comments from others, Mobage has left out a crucial part to this game compared to its peers and that is the trading and the team aspect.  This removes most of the social interaction from the game having allies as only a way to give yourself points each day but when there is no trading making upper level combinations becomes very difficult, where the player will have many of one character but cannot find the alternate version to evolve it with.  I have done some further research and this may be due to issues in the past which have occurred due to people taking advantage of these features to hurt other players.

Transformers is a beautiful game that has managed to combine all of its features well into a fun tactical game that keeps the player occupied for hour each day trying to stay on point with the competition.  With new events occurring often providing new challenges each week and the release of newer and stronger cards the game has been able to capture and keep the attention of a couple hundred thousand players worldwide, no easy feat in todays flooded market of iOS and Android games.  Overall I believe the game can use a few updates to provide better button placement, trading, and different types of events to keep things interesting but it is well developed and engaging.


OVERALL:            6 out of 10

Graphics:             8 out of 10

Audio:                   7 out of 10

Controls:              6 out of 10

Battery Life:       3 out of 10

**All rankings are based on all gaming platforms



3 thoughts on “Review: Transformers Legends for iOS and Android

  1. I love games that trace back to our early childhood. That what the customers love and will tend to go back. Such as transformers where not only is it a big hit today and making a come back, but it was also huge back in the 90’s or so maybe even in the early 80’s. They came out with the comic books, the television series came out with Beast Wars, and then the movies are making a come back. That’s hat the people and consumers love about these kind of generation based games. I’m not an Android user, but I do have the iPhone. I looked up for this game but I don’t see it anywhere, however putting Transformers within the app store’s search engine bar, 180 different results came up. Over all reading about the game for the Android would most certainly catch ones eye if they had this taste who seek for the thrill of adventure and action. It got me interested that’s for sure.

    Posted by ecflyer91 | June 21, 2013, 12:52 pm
  2. It started in 1984 with the comic release as well as the TV series.

    Yeah I really didnt like the way they made the new transformers look in the new movies so the fact they used the classic looks for most of the characters was a huge point with me. Before anyone gets mad at me my reasoning for not liking the new designs are really a practical concern. Transformers are an alien race that has been at war for millions of years yet they walk around with most of their essential components for movement and control exposed. Even football players wear some sort of protection, they look great as far as something that humans built but they lack armor. We work with nerves, and muscles essentially where they work with a type of actuator and wires to have these critical points exposed means that a guy with wire cutters could cripple any one of them which i think after a million years of war they would have wanted to stop. Sorry about the rant, ultimately i enjoyed the movies just not the design.
    I hope you like the game it was interseting and the competitive real time ranks in the events do help motivate you to play more, some times a little too much.

    Posted by diomazurek | June 21, 2013, 1:19 pm

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