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Video games and gender # 5

While researching on my topic, I have found a lot of studies done female characters in video games and how this affects the male and female audience. In one other research essay conducted by James. D.Ivory entitled ” Still a man’s game: Gender representation in online reviews of video games,” the author talks about female audience representation and female characterisation in gaming. In my previous post I had talked about how there are consistent findings through research which state that there are far more male characters than female ones. This research claims that when “female characters are included in games, it is frequently as nonessential, passive characters” (Dietz, 1998; Haninger& Thompson, 2004) and female characters are often depicted wearing revealing and provocative clothing (Beasley & Collins Standley), 2002; Dietz, etc. Ivory then goes on to say that young gamers would take this information in (just like they would do in any other media) and establish that this is the way things should be- thus incorrect gender roles are established.

The research is very mathematical and technical, and the essay goes on to demonstrate the method through which they got all the the information to make their claim. The information above corroborates with my thesis and my own research paper, so I will use only a part of it.




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