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Game Analysis

I decided to write my analysis on the Wii system and more specifically Wii Sports. I am not a huge gamer but I love my Wii! Wii Sports features tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and boxing. The best part about this is that you can play a realistic version of these games right in your living room; no driving, training, weather issues and no spending money!  All are played with your Wii remote and (at least when I bought mine) Wii Sports is included with your purchase of a Wii. Wii sports and the Wii in general were great advances for video game technology.

Once you set up your Wii, you have the opportunity to create your own avatar called a Mii. It can look exactly like you or it can look nothing like you. You can make your Mii have a number of different facial expressions. There are different eyebrows, noses, mouths, etc. You can control all of the physical aspects of your Mii down to what they are wearing. I have even seen Miis in Darth Vader costumes. This control over what your Mii looks like gives the game a personal touch. The player is essentially creating a mini, virtual version of themselves to play the game with, rather than just choosing from a few pre-loaded characters that the game gives you to choose from. You also can see your Mii level up as you increase your skills. It gives the player a more realistic feeling of success. This is just one of the many ways that Wii makes the player feel as if they are actually a part of the game.

Wii Sports is a very interactive game that is much different from other video games. Rather than just sitting on the couch with a controller and clicking buttons, you are (usually) standing up and actually using the Wii remote to replicate the real motions of whichever sport you are playing. For example, when you play Wii Bowling, you have to move the controller as if you were actually swinging the bowling ball; this includes keeping it straight, if you tilt the remote at all, that’s the direction the ball will go. It gives the game a more realistic feeling than one where you are sitting down hitting a few buttons on your controller. Same thing goes for the Tennis game on Wii Sports. You have to swing the Wii remote at just the right angle and even speed to have a successful serve or return.

Wii Sports is not a “lazy game”. I think one of the biggest problems seen with video games is that people spend hours sitting on a couch completely immersed in a video game and a lot of the times do not get any exercise. The interactivity of Wii Sports fixes this problem. This is not to say that playing a round of a game on Wii Sports is a substitution for going to the gym or playing a sport. However, for the many people that really just hate exercise and love video games, this is a good way to get them up off the couch and active. Playing around of boxing on Wii Sports is actually quite exhausting and you definitely work up a sweat.  You have to use the Wii remote along with the nunchucks in a punching motion to beat your opponent and at higher levels of the game it involves you to punch fast and hard. As I said, this is not a substitute for the gym but these games, sometimes referred to as “exergames” are a good step in the right direction. Especially for young children; so many kids would rather sit in front of the television and play video games and these games allow them to continue to do that but in a more physically involved way. Also, as kids play these games on Wii Sports, they may find one that they really love and end up actually wanting to play the sport in real life. When I play Wii bowling, I always end up wanting to actually go bowling because of how much fun I have. Wii Sports is extremely motivational for people of all ages.

There is also the social aspect to the game. With most video games it is a one or two player game or you have your own goals to reach. With Wii Sports, you can play against the computer but it is much more fun to play with a group of people. Playing with friends creates a friendly competitive atmosphere. People are generally happier when they are around other people. Video games can be very socially isolating and Wii Sports is a game that can change that. I think a big problem in some families today is that they have a hard time finding time to do things together or finding something that they all want to do together. Wii Sports is a game that the whole family can play together and have fun doing it. People of all ages can play Wii Sport and I think that it is a perfect game to be played at get-togethers or for a family game night. It takes away the social isolation involved in many video games.

While I’m not sure if this is exactly what an analysis is supposed to be, I took a game that I think is more than just a game explained why I think so. Looking at Wii Sports, some people would look at it as just another game that involves new technology. I look at it as a game with new technology that also fulfills a lot aspects that I think are missing in other video games. I think that for people who use video games as a break from everything going on in their real lives, Wii Sport is a healthy and fun game to do this with.



One thought on “Game Analysis

  1. I was actually thinking, “Interesting thoughts, but what is this an analysis of exactly?” and then I got to your final paragraph. If anything, I appreciated the perspective of a non-gamer on the Wii–Nintendo famously declared that with this system their intention was indeed to reel in your kind, and your post explained how they were successful in that. I think you’re right about the Mii–you really grow to think of the avatar as an extension of yourself, and upgrading can be really rewarding!

    Posted by bretth2 | June 22, 2013, 7:51 pm

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