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Research 2: _To the Batcave! and Star Wars

So far I have searched for scholarly articles related to the influence of science fiction technology in modern video game controls and even in game design.  I guess not surprisingly I have not been able to find anything that necessarily connects the two together but have decided that if I can connect the formation of our current technology to science fiction then I will have finally found my link.  Not surprisingly there are a lot more articles on this phenomenon.  This then supports one of my points on how we idolize what we have seen in media as opposed to searching for the most ergonomic result to a point.  When I watched the Google glasses video posted I was intrigued especially in the way the user seem to be able to control it with his voice as well as eye position.  As is found with voice controls or the previous fad of using phones as walkie talkies is that there are a lot of situations today where voice commands would not work as well the user would have hoped and can be intrusive to others.  I know I wouldn’t be too happy to ask my glasses in public for “show times for the Notebook” or directions to the proctologist’s office.   Also the designs of the glasses do not seem to be most ergonomic due to the visual aid placed over the right eye being clunky or the glasses not folding up.  Either way this adds new generations of James Bond like gadgets and I am always ready for new gadgets.  To the Batcave!



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