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End of the World As We Know It

For those people that grew up in the nineteen eighties this book hits a real note on what life was like back then. In many ways Cline is actually right in how society has come full circle. In Ready Player One he alludes to a time and place in the future that is showing the increasing over usage of fossil fuels and the re-emergence of a culture that has already passed. As a planet we are headed for ultimate destruction if we do not stop over consuming our natural resources. Cline creates a world that is reliant on a virtual universe known as OASIS. This is the only world that is really available for the majority of the people. You must essentially plug in to be able to escape the doom that surrounds everybody in the real world. The world collapsing is one of the issues of the book though a fairly hidden plot theme that is obvious is the transformation of the world back to the neon colored tight pants wearing culture of the nineteen eighties. This is what the real world is slowly morphing into around us. The eighties have resurfaced in its fashion world (skinny jeans are in a way a form of this) as well as in the gaming world. Old games such as Pac Man are re-emerging in society in different forms. Cline gives a great depiction of what could happen in the real world we live in and intertwines the real and virtual world together.



One thought on “End of the World As We Know It

  1. The dystopian future Cline give is grim. It is really reminds me of the socioeconomic situation in Blade Runner, minus the complete cyberpunk takeover and prevalent asian fetishization. Of course, the Voight-Kampf test becomes part of the hunt for the egg. Other than that i found Blade Runner strangely underrepresented. Maybe Cline wanted to save the importance for that moment. And there were a lot of other themes to include.

    The Oasis is an escape from the grim fate of the world. The opiate to sooth an inevitability that’s finally come into view. But I wonder if its a bad thing? I mean, the corporate side is definitely evil. Exploiting users in a virtual space thats meant to be, well, an oasis. Having all that power and not forming a coalition to save the planet? Definitely bad. But how about the users, especially if OASIS was kept as Haliday intended. Free. It’s still a distraction, but not a problem. For the poor and helpless its a source of bliss to escape their reality.

    Posted by chasecon | June 28, 2013, 9:31 pm

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