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Research 5: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

As I’m getting deeper into my research to find out if violent video games create violent behavior or not, both sides start to stand out more and more.  My last few research posts have been fighting for video games stating that the violence in them don’t create violent behavior but violent thoughts that may lead there.  More or so an amplifier or start instead of the initial response.  Digging deeper into the project, I just recently came across an article that fights against violent video games.  “Do Violent Video Games reed Violent Behavior?  Yes” by Paul  Boxer is the first paper that I have came across while doing this project that doesn’t beat around the bush.  Boxer is straight forward at the very beginning of the article when he states, “Do violent video games cause violent behavior?  The short answer is: Yes.”  He gets straight to the point and then gets into the nit grit.  Although even though the one difference that this paper has is fighting against violent video games, he yet again pulls up the tragic Newtown, Connecticut shooting incident, which to me I would want another incident that would stand out from the rest of the papers.  But it’s still a good source.  One study Boxer pulls up is, “field studies looking at immediate relations and effects over time – the pint to the same unwavering conclusion: When individuals play violent video games, the likelihood increases that they will experience aggressive feelings and thoughts, and engage in aggressive behavior.  Some studies even point to the increases likelihood that they will engage in violent behavior.”  By the end of the article Boxer makes himself sound like that all violent video games should be banned within the country to prevent from any violent behavior at all.  He states, “In the recent Supreme Court decision, and now with Christine’s new proposal, you won’t see scientists saying violent games should be banned.  Because that’s not even what the governor wants to do.”  What would then happen if that action came through?



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