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ready player one

The Future Is Upon Us!

This book takes the addiction of on-line Multi-Player Games to a whole new level. It seems that the future that is shown in Ready Player One is far off and it is almost a fantasy. The world and people’s lives can become this, but it isn’t that far off. The technology is not far away and there are actually glasses that can make it easier to interact to on-line resources. These types of devices are available all over the planet more and more but the technology has become more interactive with just the glasses. Augmented reality glasses are being released by Google and seem to be the next step in progression.


They are similar to the visor glasses that are described that Wade uses to use his Avatar Parzival, though more advanced and are are able to scan his retinal patterns. His body suit conforms to him so that he can feel what is going on in the virtual world, a unit can give him scents that he would normally smell, and use of treadmills and other technology helps him to move as if he is in the virtual world. All this is coming down the pipeline possibly in our lifetimes. The world of tomorrow is coming sooner than we think and it may look as gloomy as Cline envisions it. Will we have an increase in the amount of anti-social hermits that are plugged in almost their whole lives? One good thing is that we will have even more fun toys to play with to enhance the games we play.



One thought on “The Future Is Upon Us!

  1. I think as in all technology anything new must be examined and used in moderation. The evaluation of what it is and how to best introduce it should be first priority. This would be the equivalent of the cell phone, smartphone, and tablets in todays technology. Excellent observation and it makes looking towards the future all the more fun!

    Posted by galaviz1 | June 26, 2013, 2:54 am

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