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Research 6: Aggressive Games Make People Violent vs Less Violent

Rather than to look at another news paper article stating their thoughts if they think the violence in video games can demonstrate or influence violent actions in ones life, this site I found is looked through the eyes of psychologists.  The thought of violence within video games, television, and other examples have been thought to be banned by the government for a bit of time, but the actions have never fell through.  As stated from the site, “Along with Frederic Wertham’s crusade against comic books during the 1950s, similar concerns have been raised over violence in movies, televisions, and the Internet though the link between media violence and violent behaviour in children has never been reliably demonstrated.”  It’s interesting how actions never pulled through because after the Columbine high school shooting, “family member of the shooting victims sued 25 video game companies”, this tells us or the reader what people think influence their children.  Fast forwarding a bit in the article, a passage states, “handing down a decision on video games and the First Amendment, the Supreme Court has taken a hard stand on the credibility of psychological research in general.”  The thought of banding violence in video games has come across people with high authority, so i wouldn’t be too surprised if any actions were taken in the future down the road.    



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